The Car

The Gen 2 car made its competitive debut in the 2018/19 season of the ABB FIA Formula E Championship.

The Gen 2 era

The Gen2 car – officially known as the Spark SRT05e – made its competitive debut in the 2018/19 season of the FIA Formula E World Championship.

With almost double the energy storage capacity of its first-generation predecessor, the Gen2 signalled a key technological breakthrough in Formula E, with drivers able to race at higher speeds and over further distances than ever before.

For Season 7, all 12 Formula E teams will use identical cars although, since 2015, the championship has allowed teams to develop their own powertrain solutions. 

After partnering with Mercedes-Benz in 2019, ROKiT Venturi Racing will again benefit from the German marque’s engineering expertise in 2021, using full powertrain systems [powertrain, cooling system, rear frame, rear suspension, dampers, software, onboard electronics, and wires] designed and developed by Mercedes-AMG High Performance Powertrains in Brixworth, UK.

Tech Specs


• Overall length: 5,160mm

• Wheelbase: 3,100mm

• Overall width: 1,770mm

• Track width: 1,553mm

• Overall height: 1,050mm

• Ride height: 75mm [max]

• Weight [including driver]: 900kg [battery: 385 kg]


• Designed by Mercedes-Benz

• Maximum battery power: 250kW [340bhp]

• Race mode: 200kW [270bhp]

• Boost mode: 235kW [during Attack Mode]

• Regeneration: 250kW [max]

• Maximum speed: 280km/h [174mph]

• Acceleration: 0-100km/h in 2.8 seconds


• Thermal efficiency gains through software and fluid optimisation


• Constructed by McLaren Applied Technologies [all teams]


• Chassis: Carbon / aluminium honeycomb structure made by Dallara

• Bodywork: Carbon / Kevlar honeycomb structure made by Dallara

• Halo: Titanium


• Inverter, motor and gearbox designed by Mercedes-Benz

Wheels & Tyres

• Tyres: Michelin Pilot Sport 18” [treaded] for both wet and dry conditions

• Front width: 260mm

• Front diameter: 650mm

• Rear width: 305mm

• Rear diameter: 690mm

• Brakes: Brembo + active system brake by wire


• FIA safety standards