9 Days, 6 Races, 1 Body, 1 Mind

Learn about the physical and mental challenges of Formula E’s six-race finale…

In just over three weeks, Formula E’s sixth season of competition will be over as the series’ 12 teams and 24 drivers arrive in Berlin this August to contest six races in nine days.

This compact schedule – the championship’s most intense to date – presents a myriad of challenges, not just in terms of health and safety but ultimately, endurance.

As such, preparation for this impending test is key and as always, we’ll be tackling this trial with the same determination and ambition here at ROKiT Venturi Racing.

This prep work has been extensive back at our Monaco base, but for Edoardo Mortara, the present five-month hiatus has been a period of physical and mental refinement.

As he gears up for his return to the competitive racing arena, the Swiss-Italian street-racing champion spoke of the importance of fitness, not just of the body but most importantly, the mind, and how this will be crucial to performing in Berlin:

“The Berlin season finale is the most intense schedule we’ve had in Formula E and having six races in nine days presents a lot of unknowns,” said Edo.

“During lockdown, I’ve been focussing on my fitness a lot so I can be in the best physical shape for August.

“Motorsport can be a very difficult sport from a fitness perspective because we need to be able to withstand stress but we also have to comply with very strict weight rules and limits too.

“From my perspective Formula E is quite unique in that the physical challenge isn’t too difficult, unlike a lot of other championships. For me, the biggest challenge is psychological.

“Mentally, Formula E requires a lot of focus and the compact schedules over one day can be tiring. After one race, you mostly feel mentally drained.

“With so many races taking place in such a little amount of time, Berlin will be difficult, for sure. We will have no time to rest and very little time to analyse what we did right or wrong.

“It will be very important to control emotions, remain grounded, and have a rational approach to the problems that we will face as well.

“Mentally, we need to take all of the races separately and from there, maximise the performance of the car and the team. From my perspective, I’m ready for what we have to do.

“For sure, it would have been nice to have a bit more time between races but it’s nice to get back racing again.

“If this is the only way for us to start racing again, then I fully accept the challenge, I can’t wait to be back out on the track.”