Discover the Brooklyn Street Circuit

Learn more about the home of the New York City E-Prix with Hewlett Packard Enterprise...

The Brooklyn Street Circuit first appeared on the Formula E calendar in 2017, and this weekend, the world’s premier fully-electric racing series makes a return to New York City.

Having held three double-header events previously, the 2021 New York City E-Prix marks the fourth to date and our first visit to The Big Apple since Season 5.

At 2.32-kilometres long, the circuit is the second-shortest track on the current calendar but in Season 3, it was shorter still at only 1.953-kilometres.

On this former configuration which was used in the inaugural running of the now iconic race, we emerged as the masters of one-lap pace, and with the lap record, hold our own piece of history.

Fast-forward to the present and in its current incarnation, we have performed well on the streets of Brooklyn in recent years, most notably in 2018 at the close of Formula E’s first generation.

This was when stand-in racer Tom Dillmann powered to a hard-fought and competitive P4 finish in which he fell only 1.5-seconds shy of the podium.

With a concrete racing surface, the Brooklyn Street Circuit truly is a concrete jungle and with 776 laps of data at our fingertips, is a place where dreams can be made.

Since holding its first race, we have driven 1,722.66-kilometres in New York City alone, and with the help of our Official Technical Partner, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, this data can be accessed in the blink of an eye.

With a real-time flow of information and high-speed analysis, we can unlock the meaning of our data in a split second, enabling a continual improvement of performance.

Holding a competitive edge through the pinnacle of innovation, we are continually making gains with HPE’s services, bettering our performance with unprecedented insight in the world’s premier fully-electric and only carbon neutral racing series.