Formula E Unveils New Gen3 Car in Monaco

The Next Generation

In the run-up to the 2022 Monaco E-Prix, the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship has unveiled its next generation car which is set to be used from the series’ ninth season of competition.

As the successor to the current Gen2 model – which has been in use since 2018 – the Gen3 marks a significant step and sets a new industry benchmark for electric vehicle technology.

Flawless Performance

The vehicle represents uncompromising performance, optimal efficiency and unrivalled sustainability and will be the fastest Formula E car to date.

Specially designed with performance at the fore, the Gen3 is lighter than its predecessors and by producing up to 350kW of power, will have a top speed of over 200mph.

The Gen3 will also be the first Formula car to sport both front and rear powertrains and will have 600kW regenerative capabilities as a result – double that of the current Gen2 car.

As such, a minimum of 40% of all energy used within a race distance will be produced by regenerative braking while, with an electric motor that achieves 95% efficiency, the Gen3 will be the most energy-efficient racing car in the world.

With 600kW ultra-high-speed charging during races – almost double the energy of the world’s most advanced commercial charger – Formula E’s next generation will also develop charging technologies as the series continues to revolutionize the automotive industry.

A Radical Future

Combining the Gen3’s enhanced performance with its radical fighter jet-inspired design, the vehicle is lightweight and compact to ensure agility in wheel-to-wheel combat on track.

Sustainability is also at the heart of the car and while battery cells will be reused and recycled, for the first time in history, bodywork will be made using linen and recycled carbon fibre and will feature materials from retired Gen2 cars.

ROKiT Venturi Racing will accelerate into this new era in partnership with Maserati, which will become the first Italian brand to race in Formula E.

United by a fighting spirit, the thirst to innovate and the raw instinct to race, the collaboration will pave the way for an exciting next chapter of competition.

In Their Words

Jérôme D’Ambrosio, Team Principal, ROKiT Venturi Racing

“The Gen3 car showcases the innovation, performance and tangible capabilities of electric vehicle technology and fully embodies what Formula E stands for. Visually, the car looks extremely futuristic but the most exciting aspect is beneath the bodywork. This car is more powerful and lighter than anything we have raced in the past but it’s also the most technologically advanced electric racing car in the world. It marks a massive step forward in almost every area and like the step from Gen1 to Gen2, the Gen3 is a testament to Formula E’s incredible contribution to the validation of electric vehicles. I’m very excited to see what this new generation of racing holds.”

Edoardo Mortara

“In terms of technical innovation, on paper the Gen3 car looks very impressive. It should mark a massive step forward performance-wise in comparison to the current Gen2 and the car has quite a striking appearance. As a driver we are always hunting for the edge - extra grip, increased performance and the optimal package so I’m looking forward to seeing how the car handles and how competitive it will be on track.”

Lucas di Grassi

“The Gen3 should set a new benchmark for high-performance electric vehicles and the technology used within the car truly is groundbreaking. From initially being unable to complete a whole race distance in Gen1 to soon having the ability to produce 40% of a race’s energy usage through regenerative braking alone is incredible. This milestone shows the progress that Formula E has made and the impact the series has had on the automotive industry. I can’t wait to get my first taste of the Gen3 and experience its performance first hand.”