Innovation Powered by Excellence: Celebrating World EV Day

ROKiT Venturi Racing celebrates World EV Day… 

When Gildo Pastor acquired Venturi Automobiles at the turn of the millennium, the firm’s destiny was changed forever as a bright future lay ahead.

As a true pioneer, Gildo’s vision was defined but nevertheless, at the time, the decision to focus purely on the manufacture of electric vehicles was a bold one.

From the release of the historic Venturi Fétish to the world’s fastest vehicle in the VBB-3, the past 20 years have been littered with success and the Monegasque marque’s excellence is renowned.

By pledging its allegiance to Formula E in 2013 – the first manufacturer to do so – Venturi continued to lead from the front in this young and emerging arena.

For Gildo, joining the world’s premier all-electric racing championship was a very straightforward decision to make, with it showcasing a new age of motorsport:

“For me, it made absolute sense to get involved with Formula E as soon as they began to lay the foundations for the championship,” he reflects.

“At that time I had 12 years of manufacturing extreme and electric sport vehicles under my belt and I’ve always been inspired by motor-racing.

“I knew the founder, Alejandro Agag well, I also knew that the FIA was in full support of the project and my friend, Alain Prost, had been watching developments carefully and he liked what he saw.

“Above all though, for a very long time I was totally convinced of the potential of electric racing, without a doubt it’s the future of motorsport.

“It was obvious to me from the outset that this championship had serious potential and I welcomed the opportunity to combine my passions and commit to it wholeheartedly.

“I’m proud of the fact that I was one of the very first to jump on board.”

After six campaigns, Formula E will gain World Championship status this coming season, and here at ROKiT Venturi Racing, we’ve been embedded at the center since its inception.

In 69 races, we have turned over 10,000 laps, made six podium appearances, and recorded one special victory on the streets of Hong Kong.

Our determination to push beyond every extreme continues to define our work ethic – just as it has driven Gildo’s since the start of the century.

Through the global stage of motorsport, we continue to promote and advance electromobility on an international scale, and as innovation pioneers, are proud to do so.

“From my perspective, ROKiT Venturi Racing activities clearly put Venturi Automobiles on the map,” continues Gildo. 

“Our involvement in Formula E gives us a fantastic opportunity to communicate to new audiences, it’s the fastest-growing global motorsport so it presents an incredible platform to engage with a rapidly growing fan base.

“Regular viewers of the championship may now know that the fastest electric vehicle on earth is a Venturi [549 km/h – FIA approved record] and that the first electric snowcat capable to operate efficiently at -50° C is a Venturi [‘Antarctica’].”

From now to then, we celebrate our achievements this World EV Day and look forward to our successes in the future, including an electric motorcycle world speed record attempt in 2021.

Having driven over 24,000-kilometres using electric power on race weekends alone, we will continue to develop and pioneer the technology of tomorrow today by racing towards a sustainable future.