International Women's Day: Choose To Challenge

We choose to challenge, and we challenge you to do the same...

To challenge.

To dispute the validity of the status quo.

We all have the ability to do it.

We just have to choose to do it.

Together, we can create a better tomorrow.

Together, we stand united.

We can bring about change.

We can put an end to inequality.

Together, we are far stronger than we are alone.

Together, we choose to challenge.

We will be accountable for our actions.

We will call out gender bias and inequality.

Together, we will create an inclusive world. 

Together, we raise our hands to show that we are all in.

We stand in solidarity.

We challenge you to do the same.

Happy International Women’s Day.

Over the next 12 months in a series of regular deep-dive interviews, ROKiT Venturi Racing will shine a spotlight on its female talent, telling the unique and inspirational stories of the most gender-diverse team on the Formula E grid.