Jérémy’s Notebook

The Monaco E-Prix is Formula E’s crown jewel event and our home race here at ROKiT Venturi Racing. After winning the race twice as an engineer in Seasons 1 and 3, ROKiT Venturi Racing Chief Engineer, Jérémy Colançon, provides the inside line on one of motorsport’s most challenging circuits.

Energy Consumption – Monaco is medium in terms of energy sensitivity and although the circuit is high speed, there are still areas where it is possible to save. The best places to lift and coast are in Turn One, through the tunnel before Turn 10, and before Turn 15. It is also possible to save energy in Turn Three but this requires caution because the entry is uphill.

Overtaking – Overall, it is quite difficult to overtake in Monaco and this heightens the importance of Attack Mode. The best places to pass another driver are in Turns One and 10. Last season, we saw some overtaking on the entry to Turn Three but this can only be performed by consuming excess energy.

Attack Mode – Located on the outside of Turn Four, it is easy to lose both time and track position when activating Attack Mode in Monaco. Because the circuit is quite long, one deployment will typically only last for two laps, making strategic activation and execution crucial to a successful race. 

Layout – Monaco is a high-speed track and has a variety of different corner types in comparison to other circuits on the Season 8 calendar. A lot of corners are interconnected from entry to exit and as a result, it is important to find a good rhythm which will place drivers under additional pressure.

Shakedown – For the first time this season, we will not have a Shakedown session before the race weekend. This means that we will need to maximise our track time throughout practice to ensure that we have a good understanding of the circuit before qualifying and the race.