Learn About the Twists and Turns of Berlin’s Tempelhof Circuit

Get re-acquainted with Berlin’s Tempelhof Circuit with the help of Hewlett Packard Enterprise… 

The Berlin E-Prix has been present on the Formula E calendar since the series’ inception, and this weekend, we’re returning to the German capital as Season 7 reaches its conclusion.

Having held 12 races to date, Berlin has held more races than any other city and it’s also the only city to have hosted an event in every season of Formula E.

As such, we’re used to its sights and sounds, especially those of the Tempelhof Circuit which has held 11 races to date – a figure that will stand at 13 by the end of Sunday.

Last season, the now disused airport hosted its first-ever championship finale and after a five-month hiatus in competition, the paddock was re-united to settle the Season 6 title fight.

With a total of six races taking place in only nine days on three different circuits, the showdown was an unprecedented feat and to this day marks the most intense season finale in the history of motorsport.

For the second season in succession, Berlin will again be the backdrop to the title decider and by the end of the double-header, Formula E’s first-ever World Champions will be crowned.

A total of 96 points will be on offer for teams and this means that everything is still to play for in both the Drivers’ and Teams’ Championships this season.

Because Berlin is Formula E’s most raced in city, we hold a lot of data from past events and with 1,688 laps on the board at Tempelhof, we’re not short of expertise.

To date, we have scored 40 points in the German capital, and not only was it the sight of our first double points finish in Formula E but also the location of our maiden fastest lap.

This weekend, however, brings its own set of challenges and by racing on the same track in two different directions on Saturday and Sunday, we’re effectively competing on two different circuits.

This means that data collected from the opening day of competition is essentially redundant by the second, but with the help of Hewlett Packard Enterprise, we’re in a prime position to reap rewards.

As our Official Technical Partner, HPE ensures that we’re always at the cutting edge of innovation and in an instant, we can unlock the raw meaning of data.

With this understanding, when race day arrives, we can make the right decision when it matters and with data-driven insight, we can gain a competitive edge.

This separates the difference between victory and defeat and as we continue to advance our performance, we’re making gains with HPE’s help in motorsport’s premier fully-electric and only carbon neutral racing series.