Lifting the Lid: Edo Reveals His Season 7 Helmet

Edo talks through his new helmet for Formula E’s seventh season…

The helmet has become an item of self-expression in motorsport, and as one of the only visible parts of a driver in the cockpit, has become the identity of many pilots throughout history.

From Senna to Stewart, Hunt to Hill, every helmet acts as a driver’s signature, but only some are truly able to stand the test of time.

Just as we will sport a bold new identity this season, so too will Edoardo Mortara, and as we gear up for our return to racing, the Swiss-Italian lifted the lid on his helmet for the coming campaign.

Featuring a refreshed colour scheme with the same design at heart, this eye-catching creation is guaranteed to turn heads, sharing some light in the dark times of late as Edo explains.

“I’ve been working with a friend of mine on my helmet designs for the past two years. His name is Daniel Russello and he’s a very innovative, creative, artistic guy,” said Edo.

“For 2021 – because we were coming from a difficult situation with COVID-19 – we decided to put more colours into my design. It’s a big change from what I used last season.

“Sometimes in life, you can get stuck with the same colours such as grey, black, or white but life with colours is much nicer. I think my helmet reflects that.

“I just wanted to do something completely different with my helmet this year. Something bright and striking and full of energy, something personal to me. 

“The final design makes me smile. We've had enough darkness recently, it's time for some light.”

As one of the most customisable pieces of racing equipment, a helmet can act as an extension of a driver’s personality, with each design offering a glimpse into their character.

Showcasing a striking difference to his Season 6 helmet, Edo’s design for Season 7 places his identity at the forefront, displaying the qualities of our most decorated and experienced driver.

“As the only piece of equipment that can be changed and fine-tuned during your career years, a helmet design can tell quite a lot about the personality of a driver,” continued Edo.

“Some drivers like to keep the same design and same helmet colours throughout their career, but I’m the opposite. I like to have different things and that can be seen in all of my helmets.

“After using a very simple and clean design last year, I decided to go for a more striking concept for this season and I think that shows that I’m open to changes and happy to try different things.

“This helmet shows that in the end, you can create something that is nice with two completely different concepts while keeping the same design features at the center.”

Just as history can be recounted, for Edo, every helmet tells a story, serving as a reminder to some of the highs and lows that come with a career in motorsport.

With a new season waiting in the wings, a whole host of opportunities lie ahead and therefore, the chance to create more memories.

“My helmets have been used in a lot of races – some good, some bad – but all of them tell a story. I like that and it’s something I can relate to.

“This helmet is completely new, it’s completely different to what I’ve used in the past and so far, the feedback is good. I already love it and I hope it can bring me some luck.”