Q&A: Edoardo Mortara on the Return to Racing

Edoardo Mortara looks ahead to Formula E’s six-race Berlin showdown… 

What challenges arise from there being six races in nine days?

“For the Berlin finale, there will be a lot of races held in a very short amount of time. For us drivers, it’s going to be difficult from a mental perspective but I don’t think that the challenge we have ahead of us is impossible. It will be particularly hard for the engineers and the mechanics because of the short turnaround time in getting the cars ready. If there are crashes or problems, it might be difficult to solve them. In the end, everyone is in the same position and we all face the same challenge. I’m looking forward to it.”

Given the little time between races, how will your preparations be impacted and how can you adapt to this?

“The little time between races increases the importance of identifying any issues that we have. We will not only have to find the problems quickly but we’ll need to find immediate solutions as well. To minimise this, I think preparation will be key for Berlin. When you’re well prepared for a race, you tend to struggle less, and arguably, it’s never been so important to be prepared with so much at stake. To do this, it will be business as usual. I’ll be spending time in the simulator and we’ll be doing our homework back at base. We’ll see what we can do from there.”

Will momentum make a difference in the Season 6 finale?

“I think momentum will have quite a big impact on the final six races of the season. The teams who are the best prepared will likely face the least issues and it’s probable that they will have the best results. With six races in nine days, however, even if you have some issues at the start, there is still time to recover and improve your standing. I’m curious to see how this will play out.”

Does your current Drivers’ Championship standing add additional pressure?

“Season 6 could be my strongest finish in Formula E to date but this doesn’t change anything – my goal is still to beat everyone. When we talk about a championship, the result is always dependent upon the entire package. That package is the car, the team, and the driver. I’m looking to have some good performances and then we will see where we end up. This has been our first year with Mercedes-Benz as our powertrain partner and if we can finish the season with a better base, that will help us in the future.”

What are your aims for Berlin?

“I’m targeting consistency in Berlin and my goal is to score points in every race. I think that’s a very realistic target. Points should always be the minimum aim but depending on the championship situation and therefore, the qualifying order, I’m confident that we will have the opportunity to do even better. The season so far has been competitive but I’m still searching for a highlight. Hopefully, this can come in Berlin.”