Q&A: Felipe Massa on Formula E’s Finale

Felipe Massa talks about the preparations and challenges of Formula E’s Berlin finale...

How much learning will be possible in between races for the Berlin finale and what challenges does this bring?

“Berlin will be an immense challenge for everybody. Having six races in nine days will be a big learning curve for everyone and with three different circuits, we will also need to change setups and learn the tracks too. With all of the races next to each other and with only one or two days in between each race, it will be very difficult. We have a huge challenge ahead but it will be great to start racing again."

How will the use of three circuit configurations impact your preparations?

“A lot of our race weekend preparations are done in the simulator but because two of the circuits are new, we haven’t been able to prepare for them like we usually would. Because the simulator is virtual, one of the key concerns is that the tracks won’t be similar in reality. It’s a very intense process and even if the races are in the same place, the configurations are completely different. It presents a lot of unknowns. Altering layouts like this can change the form of some teams in a good way and a bad way. We’re very focussed and we’ve been doing three to four days of simulator running every week. We’ve prepared in the best way possible for us as a team.”

What can the intensity of Formula E’s Berlin finale be compared to in your career?

“I have been racing for over 30 years and in my career, I’ve never seen or experienced a schedule like the Season 6 finale. I don’t ever remember doing six races in a little more than a week but I don’t really view this as a big problem. For sure, it will be tiring and it will be difficult for everyone but we will be able to race again for the first time since February which is something I’m excited for.”


What are the physical and mental preparations required for such an intense schedule?

“Physical and mental preparation will be very important for Berlin. In my opinion, I think it will be more important to be mentally prepared than physically. In Formula E, we race on city circuits and there are walls lining the track. This is always a bit more tricky than driving on a purpose-built circuit – you need more focus and there isn’t any room to make a mistake. The physical side shouldn’t be a problem but it can still be hard. I’ve been training every day to be in the best possible shape. Berlin will be a big challenge and it’s something that’s very different too. We need to be 100% prepared and we’re motivated and ready for what is to come.”

What are your goals for the Berlin finale?

“The goal is always to fight for the victory and fight for the podium. We want to score as many points as possible with both cars. We always need to have the best goal that’s attainable in our mind and I really hope we can have a competitive car so we can achieve what we want to as a team. I’m really looking forward to the final races and I can’t wait to see the support for ROKiT Venturi Racing in this big final showdown.”