Racing Academy: Logistics in Formula E

Learn how teams travel from A to B in the world’s premier all-electric racing series…

To say that the Formula E paddock moves fast would be an understatement, and with only 38 days to go until the first race of Season 7, it’s all going on behind the scenes.

In the current circumstances of the world, travelling from A to B has become a true test of logistics, with complete unpredictability creating a reality that is nothing short of a monumental challenge.

As ROKiT Venturi Racing’s Team Manager, Delphine Biscaye is the expert when it comes to organisation, with planning and freight falling under her long list of responsibilities.

With testing far behind us, we’re ready to hit the track this February, but as Delphine explains, the current pandemic has created a host of previously unexperienced obstacles.

“In Formula E, we usually begin our preparations for the coming season long before the previous season has ended, but because of the pandemic, planning has become difficult,” she said.

“Under the current circumstances, it is difficult for the team to travel, it takes more time to receive parts from suppliers and it takes longer to send things as well.

“Shipments are complicated and our flights often get cancelled, so this has made the logistics for the new season pretty complicated.”

On the logistical side of motorsport, it is often best to get ahead of the game, but with the fluidity of the unprecedented times we live in, this has become impossible.

Such uncertainty has demanded an adaptable approach to travel and this flexibility has been vital to get ready for the first race of the coming campaign.

“Since Season 1, we’ve learned to start preparing for a new season as much in advance as possible and but understandably Covid makes preparing for the coming season very difficult,” continued Delphine.

“When we started out as a team, we were booking quite late and this was quite expensive so we learned to do that earlier in the season. Normally, as soon as the calendar is released, we book all of the flights and hotels.

“With the situation we’re in now, booking in advance isn’t possible which means that we are booking on an event by event basis, meaning we are all booking late.

“One of the biggest challenges is that we can do all of the bookings and then almost half of them can be cancelled because flights can change and airlines can stop flying.

“It’s really difficult to plan. Lots of changes can happen all of the time and usually, if we have one small change, it alters the whole travel plan.

“We are very used to things changing now and we have plenty of contingency plans in place so we will make the best of any eventuality and I have a great team around me for support.”

As the clock continues to tick down and with just over one month until Formula E’s first-ever night race, we’re ready for the adventure that awaits us in Diriyah.