ROKiT Venturi Racing Celebrates Receiving Three-Star Environmental Accreditation

Sustainability is a journey, not a destination, and here at ROKiT Venturi Racing, the pursuit of a brighter and better future lies at the very foundation of our DNA.

Earlier this year, we set out to tackle the global climate crisis by taking action, aiming to cut down our own carbon emissions and reduce our environmental footprint.

10 months after setting out our sustainability roadmap, our enhanced efforts have already made a difference by changing the way we work and how we go about racing.

By banning the use of single-use cups, cutlery and kitchenware, we started off by reducing our plastic waste before next reducing our energy consumption by installing motion-activated lighting.

We started sourcing all of our office supplies locally and introduced a green travel plan for employees and in doing so, streamlined our Monaco headquarters.

This was only the beginning, however.

In Formula E’s eighth season, we’re aiming to reduce our wastewater by 20% while cutting out paper waste by a further 25% with the intention of going paperless where possible.

With the help of our Official Lifestyle Partner, Ecoalf, all of our team wear in Season 8 will be made using 100% recycled materials while our old team kit will also be repurposed and recycled.

By using the FIA’s Environmental Accreditation Programme, we examined our efforts by measuring environmental performance in relation to the framework and the results are in.

ROKiT Venturi Racing is proud to announce that it has been awarded Three-Star Environmental Accreditation by the FIA– the Best Practice award in the three-level programme.

With this achievement, ROKiT Venturi Racing is only the eighth team in motorsport globally to achieve this feat, having successfully enhanced its sustainability management.

“As a team, we’re immensely proud to receive Three-Star Environmental Accreditation from the FIA,” said Deputy Team Principal Jerome D’Ambrosio.

“Sustainability is in our DNA, and the team was founded to advance the performance of electric vehicles before EV technology was even mainstream. Sustainability is the core of who we are.

“Competing in Formula E is incredibly important to us, firstly because we’re refining the technology of the future, but secondly, because we’re developing technology that is greener.

“We’re showing people that this technology works and by competing, we’re raising awareness around the importance of sustainability and pushing that message forward in every aspect.

“For us, Three-Star Accreditation Environmental Accreditation is only the beginning of our sustainability roadmap and we will continue to reduce our carbon footprint moving forwards.”