ROKiT Venturi Racing commits to FIA's PurposeDriven movement

ROKiT Venturi Racing pledges its commitment to PurposeDriven...

Since the inception of Formula E, ROKiT Venturi Racing has been accelerating into a brighter future, competing today to create a better tomorrow. After six seasons of striving towards sustainability through innovation, the next steps on this pathway are clear.

In the present climate of the world, strength and unity have never been so important and despite being the most gender diverse team in Formula E with one third of our key roles held by women, we know that we still have work to do to advance, improve, and attain true, full diversity.

As such, it is with pride at this moment, that Monaco’s only racing team pledges its commitment to the FIA’s PurposeDriven movement, showcasing its commitment to equal opportunity and determination to drive change for the better through positive action.

Launched in June 2020, PurposeDriven channels the spirit, ambition, and desire of the motorsport community to bring about a positive impact to society, addressing some of the world’s biggest challenges by advancing progress through a range of initiatives.

Focussing on four key pillars in Diversity & Inclusion, the Environment, Community Involvement & Development, and Health & Safety, PurposeDriven embodies the deep-rooted inclusive legacy of ROKiT Venturi Racing – a cornerstone of the Monegasque marque.

By promoting innovation and embarking on a mission to create a more culturally diverse workplace, ROKiT Venturi Racing will help to spark change and combat discrimination, condemning all forms of racism and inequality to stand united and therefore, stronger.

Susie Wolff – ROKiT Venturi Racing Team Principal

“In order to bring about change, it’s absolutely vital to take direct action - it’s great to show support and communicate a desire to make the world a better place but fundamentally, it’s action that results in real change. As a team made up of one third women, we are extremely proud to pledge our commitment to the FIA’s PurposeDriven movement. With my background with Dare to be Different, which has now united with the FIA’s Girls On Track Initiative, and my ongoing work with the FIA Women In Motorsport, I have a very clear understanding of what it takes to bring about real change - and it’s not gestures or words, it’s action. As a team, we fully acknowledge that there is a massive challenge ahead to create true diversity, not just in motorsport but in all aspects of society and it is with this knowledge that we support PurposeDriven where we can help drive reform and contribute to society not just as individuals, but as a community. We are all stakeholders in the future, the time to act is now.”