ROKiT Venturi Racing & HPE: Three Seasons of Innovation

Discover how Hewlett Packard Enterprise has transformed Monaco’s only racing team… 

In 2018, we entered a new chapter here at ROKiT Venturi Racing, and since partnering with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, we’ve been at the forefront of innovation.

Over the past three seasons, we have worked together to develop and deploy ground-breaking technologies that have not only enhanced but have ultimately changed the way we race.

In 39 races together, we have scored three victories, eight podiums and 278 points, producing some of our greatest championship performances in Formula E to date.

By working in collaboration, we have been able to refine our processes and improve our efficiency to ensure that every insight is fuelled and driven by data.

Looking back on our partnership to date, Team Manager, Delphine Biscaye, explained just how HPE has transformed Monaco’s only racing team since Formula E’s fifth season.

“Since partnering in Season 5, HPE has enhanced our performance as a team and has also completely transformed the way that we work,” she said.

“One of the first things that we did in our partnership was to develop a data centre at our HQ, and HPE provided us with servers and backup that we did not have previously.

“This hardware helped us to store our data and also ensured that our data was backed up and protected which is very important in terms of safety and security.”

Additional solutions from HPE have also revolutionised the speed of our analysis and dissemination of data, and we can now access key information regardless of our geographic location.

“The solutions that HPE put in place also mean that we can access our data wherever we are in the world – at our base, at the track, or even when we’re travelling,” continued Delphine.

“Before Season 5, we only had access to the data produced locally, so either at the track or at the office, if we wanted to use files or datas from our server when on track we would have had to save everything to a laptop or external hard drive.

“Now, we’re able to access, store and also save data on our server remotely so for us, to be able to access everything wherever we are is a massive improvement.

“This has changed the way work as a team, firstly in terms of safety and secondly, in terms of efficiency and it played a key role at the start of the pandemic last year.

“Even though we were all working from home, we still had all of the access we needed which enabled us to continue doing our jobs as if we were still together in the office.”

Since Season 5, we have enjoyed some of our most successful campaigns as a team, and HPE technology has been present throughout this period.

From our maiden victory in Hong Kong to our wins in Puebla and Berlin, HPE’s services were in use, guaranteeing that we’re operating as efficiently as possible.

Off the back of our most prosperous season on record this year, HPE has undoubtedly added to ROKiT Venturi Racing’s upward trajectory by playing a key role in the acceleration of performance. 

“HPE’s technology has been crucial to our successes as a team and the services that they have provided have enhanced our performance on the track,” added Delphine.

“One of the key benefits is that we have an IT engineer who is a specialist in the technology and knows all of our infrastructure, network and equipment inside out.

“He’s part of the travelling race team, and having someone who is focussed solely on that is a big benefit, not just for data transfers but to make sure that everything is working.

“If we ever have a system crash in the factory, for example with the remote room, or at the track, he is always there and can resolve the issue very quickly so we don’t have to wait for special assistance.

“Together, we have also developed custom tools to improve our race strategy and performance. The easy and quick access to our data also allows us to get additional insight in real-time.

“This means that a lot of our decision-making is data-driven which allows us to make the right call when it matters most.

“This has played a key role in all of our races this year and with two victories and three more podiums, we’ve completed our most successful season yet.

“We’re continually seeing our hard work pay off and in Season 8, we have even bigger ambitions in which HPE will play a crucial role in helping us to achieve our goals.”