Seeing in Colour: Chloe's Story

Chloe Bearman shares her story as ROKiT Venturi Racing celebrates Pride Month… 

Pride Month is a time to commemorate and inspire, and here at ROKiT Venturi Racing, we’re proud to add our voice as we celebrate diversity and inclusion in the motorsport community.

On June 28, 1969, a police raid on the Stonewall Inn – a gay club in New York City – sparked change and became the catalyst as the world pursued acceptance and inclusivity.

Fast-forward 51 years, and now every June, we uphold our responsibility to challenge stereotypes, raise awareness, and fight for LGBTQ+ rights as we see the world in colour.

In celebration of her identity and Pride Month, our Head of Partnership Activation, Chloe Bearman shares her story as part of the LGBTQ+ community inside the motorsport industry.

“When I first started working in motorsport in 2009, I didn’t know anyone who was part of the LGBTQ+ community, but in the space of 12 years, I think quite a lot has changed,” she said.

“The main change is in pure awareness and visibility, raised by various organisations such as Racing Pride – an awesome initiative that was created in 2018.

“Formula E is the world’s fastest growing motorsport sport, as a series it stands for progression and I love that. ROKiT Venturi shares those values as a team, we have an incredible platform - by using our voice, we can be a force for good. Pride Month is just one example of that.

“There have been many times where we’ve championed diversity and by celebrating Pride Month, we’re able to raise awareness to help create a more accepting and supportive community, not just in motorsport but from a wider perspective as well.

“I think that’s incredibly important because it sends a message, especially to younger generations, to say that being part of the LGBTQ+ community should be celebrated.

“When I was younger, there were few gay role models to look up to. That’s something that’s changing and it’s something that we’re part of as a team.”

Since coming out at the age of 21, the world has morphed, and for Chloe, momentum is accelerating change although it remains vital to continue celebrating and raising awareness.

“Coming out, you always think that it’s worse in your head, but once you say it, it gets easier and easier,” continued Chloe. “I think the struggle is usually internal, although this isn’t always the case.

“I don’t shout about my sexual orientation but I’ve come to an age now where I’m happy and I’m comfortable in myself and if someone has a problem, it’s their problem, not mine.

“We need to create an environment where people feel accepted, safe and secure – a place where people can be themselves, regardless of who they are.

“I think in our team, there’s strength and creativity because of our diversity and I really believe that if people can be themselves at work, they will perform better.

“Sexuality and gender have no bearing on your ability to do your job and even by changing the perception of roles that were once considered male-focused, we’re blowing stereotypes away.

“By celebrating Pride Month, we’re adding momentum to bring about lasting change and I think the momentum is there and it’s heading in the right direction.

“We need to be as true to ourselves as possible and we need to celebrate that.”