Susie Wolff Reflects on the Season so Far

Team Principal, Susie Wolff, reflects on the first five races of the 2019/20 campaign… 

The arrival of Season 6 was the springboard to ROKiT Venturi Racing’s next chapter and after five races and 1,824-kilometres of running, we are almost at its half-way mark.

Racking up 34 points so far – and surpassing our 350th in history last time out –  we’re a team of real racers and as such, we’re not happy unless we’re at the top.

As one of only three teams to score points in every race this season, this presents the perfect platform to challenge from in the second half as Team Principal Susie Wolff explains:

“We’re not where we want to be at this stage of the season, we want to have more points but we need to look at the positives,” clarifies Susie. “We’ve scored points at every race – not as many as we would have liked – but we have shown our potential. 

“Now, we need to make sure sure that we can score some of the big points on offer in the upcoming races and obviously, finish the second half of the season on a much higher and more positive note than the first.”

With a considerable gap separating the Marrakesh E-Prix and the next race of Season 6, we have a substantial period to prepare for the upcoming events ahead.

In this time, we haven’t slowed down and alongside opening our stunning new headquarters in Monaco, we have been advancing our 2019/20 package, courtesy of the copious amounts of data that we collected at Formula E’s in-season rookie test this month:

“The Marrakesh in-season test was very important and we had a strong line-up with Norman [Nato] and Arthur [Leclerc] who are well integrated into the team,” continues Susie.

“We had lots of things that we needed to test on the Sunday after the race and it was one of the key moments of our season last year where we learned a lot about the old car.

“As such, it was a very important day for us to learn and we will be able to use that track time for performance in the second half, especially after completing more laps than any other team.”

With improved performance waiting in the wings and the same team at the core, consistency will remain as our cornerstone target with a key focus on maximising opportunity:

“With Formula E’s most competitive grid to date, we knew what Season 6 would bring and we are very well organised as a team to rise into that challenge. It’s obviously about not letting the ups and downs impact our approach,” adds Susie. 

“There will be good races and there will be bad races – that's Formula E. It’s about minimising the mistakes and maximising the opportunities, trying to just bring consistency in so we can carry on our run.

“Simply scoring points every race would be positive but we’ll be pushing for more in the second half.”