The Women of ROKiT Venturi Racing: Chloe Bearman

Get to know Chloe Bearman, Partnership Manager of ROKiT Venturi Racing… 

Here at ROKiT Venturi Racing, we’re always pushing forward to achieve our personal best and in this pursuit of perfection, we’re lucky to have an esteemed team of partners who constantly have our back.

As Partnership Manager, Chloe Bearman is the key cultivator of our commercial relations and since 2009, she has been embedded in the motor racing world, creating synergetic collaborations between team and brand alike.

Growing up playing hockey and football, Chloe was surrounded by sport at an early age but it was following a memorable first day at work that she became captivated by motor racing:

“It’s quite funny because what first sparked my interest in motorsport was by working in it,” recounts Chloe. “To be honest, I was never really a motorsport fan but I’ve always been a huge sports fan.

“After University, I knew that I wanted to work in sport so I contacted every marketing and sports agency in London. The one I eventually got a job with just so happened to specialise in Formula 1.

“I was really lucky because on the first day of my first job fresh out of University, I flew to Abu Dhabi to work on the F1 race. I worked with the Grand Prix promoter to create their marketing campaign and also worked as part of the events team.

“My understanding of the sport helped me because I was trying to engage with a market in Abu Dhabi that didn’t have a history of motor racing and certainly, the following of the sport was still relatively young. So in a way, the market was quite similar to myself.

“When I started to learn about the technology and when the cars arrived – and the excitement and noise that came with that – I was gripped. Seeing people come together to support their team and the effort that they put in is what I love about sport. That’s where it all started!”

After spending three years in Formula 1, Chloe diversified her experience and worked on a number of high-profile activations, including Guinness’ rugby partnerships and Investec’s cricket sponsorships.

After this, Chloe was soon drawn back into the world of four wheels when contacted by her former boss, with the offer of a fresh opportunity:

“My old boss from my Formula 1 days contacted me and asked if I would like to join a company she was starting,” continues Chloe. “Red Bull was their first client and I joined. From there, I started working with other clients, one of which had a lot of sports partnerships in sailing, including the Americas Cup.

“They then partnered with a Formula E team at the end of Season 1 and I managed that partnership for four seasons. When we later took on the Venturi account, Hong Kong was my first race and we won. That feeling was absolutely fantastic!”

Working with a hands-on approach that is synonymous with the ROKiT Venturi Racing way, Chloe’s job comes down to building bridges, connecting dots, and developing already strong ties to the wider team – our partners:

“The main thing I do is cultivating and maintaining relationships with our partners but also developing strategies to really maximise their rights,” explains Chloe. “With all of our partners, they do very different things so it’s important to create authentic and meaningful synergies because they are an extension of our team and our values need to come through.

“I love getting to see things come to life for partners. Whether it’s a hospitality program or a piece of content, it all stems from a single idea, and together, we can make it happen. Because you can physically see the end product, it’s incredibly rewarding.

“Formula E is about showcasing the power of electric vehicles but we also spread the message of sustainability which is a very big passion of mine. I’m very conscious about the climate and I love that Formula E is highlighting the need for more sustainable mobility – they’re leading the way in that. This needs to be the standard if we’re going to have a healthier planet – it’s about spreading the word about electric vehicles and the future.”

Echoing the cornerstone values of ROKiT Venturi Racing, remembering that there is always a solution has been key to Chloe’s career and in turn, this contributes to one key message: Never give up.

“My first boss told me that there’s always a solution and that’s something I often refer back to,” adds Chloe. “When you work in a really fast-paced environment, you have high expectations for yourself, your clients, and your partners, and the unexpected is going to happen and things do go wrong.

“The most important thing is to not rise to that drama, stay calm, and find a solution because there always is one. Remembering that simple mantra when problems do arise is very useful. To someone who wants to work in motorsport – and it’s been said many times before – just go for it.

“I think the hardest thing is starting out and you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for help. People are really happy to help others and that’s something that I’ve found. Spend time developing relationships with people who are in roles similar to ones you want. Ask how they got there, what they did, and if they can help you.

“I didn’t ever think that I would be doing what I do now. There’s such a uniqueness of being part of a motorsport team and racing at weekends. It’s all part of sport and that family – you turn up somewhere in the world with the same goal, everyone is working so hard to get there and I love it. I can’t imagine doing anything else.”