The Women of ROKiT Venturi Racing: Laurie Clog

Get to know ROKiT Venturi Racing Sponsorship Manager Laurie Clog… 

The world of motorsport is about action, both on track and off it, and in creating the right energy and atmosphere, the personality of a team can be defined.

In showcasing Monaco’s only racing team, Sponsorship Manager Laurie Clog personifies everything that ROKiT Venturi Racing stands for and by channeling our inner passion and ardour, exhibits our spirit at heart.

While she lives and breathes it now, for Laurie, motor racing wasn’t always her vice and when she was young, she possessed little, if any interest in the sport that pursues speed:

“If I’m honest, I was never really passionate about motorsport when I was young,” admits Laurie. “Of course, my father followed all of the Formula 1 races, and every Sunday he never wanted to go out because he preferred watching the Grand Prix."

It was when working for Radio Monaco – the brainchild of Venturi Automobiles President Gildo Pastor – that Laurie became involved with Formula E, getting offered the chance to attend the 2018 Marrakesh E-Prix:

“I was working in the commercial team for Radio Monaco and one day, Gildo [Pastor] asked me to replace the Chief Commercial Officer at Venturi Racing for the Season 4 Marrakesh race because they couldn’t attend and they needed someone who could speak French,” she explains.

“I said yes to the offer and then I went to Morocco. After this race, motorsport was in my blood and I asked if I could stay with Venturi. I then attended the next three races – Santiago, Mexico City, and Punta del Este – while I was still working for Radio Monaco.

“We then agreed for me to leave the radio station and move over to Venturi. Up until then, I never thought I would work in motorsport but now, I can’t imagine my life without it!”

As Sponsorship Manager, Laurie merges her hands-on approach in the paddock with providing the ROKiT Venturi Racing experience, and as the first point of contact for our esteemed partners, she ensures that the unforgettable truly is unforgettable, week in, week out.

“My role is to manage our relations with our partners but most importantly, it’s about offering the ROKiT Venturi Racing experience,” she continues. “There is a life experience around each race and when we are racing, I look after our partners and guests – I try to make their day impossible to forget.

“I help them discover the strong message behind Formula E and also our team and to feel what it means to be part of our family. I love the run-up to the race and looking after the needs of our partners. Formula E is only one day of action so you only get one chance to make their day memorable.

“After organising all of the schedules and timing for our guests, it’s very nice to see them happy at the end of the day when they leave the track. When our guests leave the track smiling, I know the day was a success and it’s nice. That’s my favourite part.

“One of my best memories was in Hong Kong when we won the race. It was an accomplishment for everyone in the team and our efforts – engineers, mechanics, commercial, and our partners. At this moment, we all celebrated together and that was very special”

When doing her job – bringing action to our energy – Laurie’s work ethic unsurprisingly embodies the ROKiT Venturi Racing mantra to the fullest degree. 

Offering advice to someone who wants to work in motorsport, Laurie suggests that they too should adopt this attitude – one of unwavering determination, fortitude and persistence: 

“If you want to work in motorsport, I think you should never stop and always try,” she added. “You can make mistakes and you can improve on them. You should always keep pushing.

“But if you’re scared to fall in love with your career, definitely don’t work in motorsport!”