The Women of ROKiT Venturi Racing: Liz Brooks

Get to know Liz Brooks, Head of Media and Communications for ROKiT Venturi Racing… 

As Head of Media and Communications, Liz Brooks has defined the voice of ROKiT Venturi Racing since Season 5, personifying the close-knit racing unit that people know and love.

Since the start of the millennium, she has been ever-present in the world of motorsport media and has honed her craft in some of the most competitive racing arenas. 

Starting out in World and British Superbike Championships, Liz’s involvement on two wheels paved the route to her first taste of Formula 1 when a PR activation took her to the headquarters of a certain team:

“I didn’t come from a motorsport family at all,” recalls Liz. “My discovery of the sport was purely accidental. I was working for a PR agency at the time and I was the Account Manager for Kawasaki.

“Eddie Jordan wanted one of our motorbikes – he was loaned one – and I was tasked with doing a photo shoot at the Jordan Grand Prix F1 Team base. I was doing some set-up shots for the photographer when Eddie came out of his office and asked who I was.

“I introduced myself, full of the confidence that a 22-year-old has when messing around on a motorbike outside of a Formula 1 team. That conversation led to him offering me a job and about six weeks later, I found myself at the German Grand Prix working as a Press Officer.”

Getting her first taste of the Formula 1 paddock, it wasn’t the bite of the racing bug but the sense of community and family that captured Liz’s attention almost immediately.

“There’s a unique energy when you work in a race team,” explains Liz. “You work together and you travel together. You see the best of each other and you’ve seen the worst of each other. You experience the incredible highs and incredible lows and you quickly forge strong bonds. Everyone has a common goal and that unity, for me, is appealing.”

Working across motorsport, sailing, horse racing, and cricket, Liz arrived at ROKiT Venturi Racing shortly after Team Principal Susie Wolff, joining the family of Monaco’s only racing team as Formula E entered its current-generation of competition in 2018.

Establishing the character of the team, her position as Head of Media and Communications is extensive but can be pinpointed to one key objective – defining our identity:

“My job title can be a little bit deceptive because communications is so broad but one of the main parts of my role is to determine our tone of voice,” continues Liz. “It’s to remind everybody,  internally and externally, what ROKiT Venturi Racing stands for – what sets us apart, what makes us different, and what we’re striving for. 

“I understand from Susie [Wolff] and Gildo [Pastor] what their vision is for the team and I help to communicate that not just to everyone within the team but to our partners, fans and also the media. That comes across in many different ways – it’s not just about the written or spoken word. It’s about action too. It’s about the atmosphere and energy we create as a team and making sure that’s consistent.

“Sport gives you the opportunity to communicate passion and emotion but the speed and pace that Formula E is developing at adds another dynamic. In my job, I love introducing someone to ROKiT Venturi Racing and helping them to understand why the team should be at the top of their agenda. Formula E as a championship is still so young and it presents a very different challenge to working on Formula 1, there are some really interesting opportunities to be more creative too, it’s unique and I thrive on the challenge of something different.”

Here at ROKiT Venturi Racing, dedication and commitment underpin our work ethic, and for Liz, self-belief and confidence is key when striving to work in and reach the competitive environment of motorsport:

“The single most important thing is to believe in yourself if you want to work in motorsport,” adds Liz. “Also, learning the difference between your instincts and your insecurities is vital. It’s important to know when to listen to yourself. 

“On a much more practical level, it’s important to not be afraid to ask questions and don’t be frightened to reach out to people – it’s about making the absolute most of a moment when you have it. It’s important to not rush into decisions but you shouldn’t be afraid to make mistakes and take risks.

“If you don’t make mistakes, you haven’t tried and if you only stay in your comfort zone, you don’t learn. When you do make mistakes, own them and don’t shy away from asking for help. Most people don’t set out to be super ordinary and the only way you get to be exceptional is by working really hard. It’s about seizing every opportunity and having the self-belief to do so.”