The Women of ROKiT Venturi Racing: Stephanie Baldet

Get to know ROKiT Venturi Racing Logistics Coordinator, Stephanie Baldet… 

In the world of motorsport, a racing team can be likened to a family, and here at ROKiT Venturi Racing, our finely-tuned approach to competition is carefully woven with our close-knit community. 

As such, every team member has their own role in this environment and as Logistics Coordinator, Stephanie Baldet is easily the front runner for the title of team ‘Mama’. 

A lover of all things fast, Stephanie’s passion for motorsport was present long before she joined Monaco’s only racing team, and since a young age, she has been obsessed with speed:

“I fell in love with racing when I was eight,” explains Stephanie. “A friend of my father worked in motorsport and from a young age, I used to watch the races at Magny-Cours in France.”

This early adoration inevitably led Stephanie to pursue a career in the industry, and prior to joining ROKiT Venturi Racing, she spent a large portion of her professional life working in Maranello – the home of Ferrari.

“I spent nine years of my career in Maranello working with Ferrari via an external agency,” she recounts. “I was doing French and English factory tours in the Formula 1 and automotive departments for two years and then became Receptionist Manager and later, Event Coordinator.

“It was incredible to work there because I saw a few iconic cars created, including the Enzo and the launch of the 575. I was also the manager of some events inside Ferrari which was very interesting and I think this only added to my love for motorsport.”

Focussing on event management, Stephanie first encountered ROKiT Venturi Racing in 2017 after organising a function on the weekend of the Season 3 Monaco E-Prix.

From this initial discovery, a subsequent proposal took Stephanie on a journey into one of motorsport’s most competitive racing platforms as she was adopted into the Monegasque racing fraternity.

“I started working with Venturi at the end of Season 3,” she continues. “I organised an event with 250 guests during the Monaco E-Prix and I had to manage the logistical aspects so the accommodation, restaurant reservations and I organised the party at the end of the weekend.

“After that, Venturi gave me the opportunity to join the team as maternity cover, helping Delphine [Biscaye, ROKiT Venturi Racing Team Manager] with the travel and logistics throughout Season 4. At the end of this, I managed to land a contract with Venturi.”

As Logistics Coordinator, Stephanie’s role not only demands versatility but a calm and methodical approach to work. In her own words, finding a solution is her job and in this, there isn’t anything she can’t fix:

“My role in logistics and travel includes all of the organisation of the flights and hotels throughout the entire season,” she clarifies. “On-site at races, I also organise the logistics of the team and even coordinate our catering.

“Everyone inside the team tells me that I’m the mama and there is some truth to that, even if I don’t like it! I’m always happy to find a solution when something happens so I can help people. As they say, I’m the mama!

“I need to be very flexible because situations can change very quickly but even if that's hard, it’s still great – I can’t find anything negative to say about my job but I always love race week. This is definitely the best part!”

To someone who wants to work in motorsport, Stephanie offered a simple piece of advice – something that has characterised her approach to work across three seasons: Pursue your aspirations and never give up in that chase.

“You should always follow your passion in life because if you love what you do, you won’t feel like you’re working,” she adds. 

“It’s so important to have that impression and if motorsport is your passion, you should never give up. There is always a solution and by being transparent and honest, there isn’t a problem that can’t be solved.

“For men and women, their place in motorsport is everywhere across all jobs – gender shouldn’t be a factor. In 2020, we shouldn’t have to encourage women to work in the industry. They should do what they want to do in any field.”