Venture Around the ExCeL London Circuit

Discover Formula E’s newest and most unique circuit – the ExCeL London… 

With 11 races down, only four remain as the fight for the Formula E World Championship crown edges ever closer to its conclusion this season.

Marking the penultimate weekend of the current campaign, the London E-Prix makes a welcome comeback to the calendar as we visit the city for the first time since Season 2.

Marking our third visit in total, the city first hosted Formula E in 2015 and has been the backdrop to some of the series’ most iconic moments and nail-biting title showdowns.

That was at Battersea Park, however, and this weekend, the world’s only carbon-neutral racing series will compete on the Royal Docks at the ExCeL arena for the very first time.

As Formula E’s newest circuit, the ExCeL London is also the series’ most complex and 22 challenging turns make the track the most technical in the championship’s history.

Despite being new, the venue is no stranger to competition, however, and in 2012, hosted part of the Summer Olympic Games when it was divided into five sports halls for seven different sports.

Coincidentally, just as the Tokyo Games commence this weekend, we’re bringing top-flight international action back into the ExCeL on a quite literal basis.

In what is a first for motorsport, cars will race both indoors and outdoors on the same circuit – a fact that makes the ExCeL one of the most unique race tracks in the world.

Having led 22.9% of all racing laps in the UK capital – and as the site of our first pole position in 2015 – London has traditionally been a happy hunting ground for ROKiT Venturi Racing, but past form counts for nothing this weekend.

As a new circuit and therefore, without any data from past races, we’ll be starting from zero at the ExCeL, meaning that putting in the laps from the get-go in practice sessions will be crucial to our performance.

As our Official Technical Partner, however, Hewlett Packard Enterprise will be by our side, providing us will a real-time competitive edge when the racing gets underway.

Providing our on-site IT hardware and software, HPE ensures that we’re operating at peak performance with high-performance networking infrastructure and secure data communication.

With HPE’s help, our data is analysed instantly at the edge to deliver the vital insights that we need to make the right decision when it matters.

In Formula E, a split second can define the difference between victory and defeat, and with HPE’s support, we continue to be at the forefront of performance and innovation in the world’s premier fully-electric racing championship.