Venturi Racing: Ready to ROKiT

Learn more about Venturi Racing’s title partner, ROKiT and their ROKiT Cities initiative…

On the eve of Formula E’s sixth season, we joined forces with global telecommunications innovators ROKiT – a company with a difference, committed to responsible business practices.

We’re five races into the 2019/20 campaign and we have already enjoyed success as one of only three teams to finish inside the top 10 in every race this season.

Here at Venturi, we have a powerful vision for the future – innovation and ambition lie at our core – and with a people-first stance, ROKiT shares this attitude.

“ROKiT is an all-encompassing company and we aim to do as much as we can with a people-first angle,” explains Jonathan Kendrick, Chairman and co-founder of ROKiT.

“We achieve this goal because unlike any other technology company, everything we do at ROKiT has a philanthropy angle to it. When John Paul [DeJoria] and I started ROKiT, our goal was to be the best that we can be.

“I like to give back and in my eyes, success unshared is failure. If you give out and give back, it tends to come back to you – that attitude has worked for me.”

Alongside its pioneering, affordable 3D smartphones, ROKiT has assisted with the development of smart cities through its ROKiT Cities initiative, advancing connectivity by installing fast and reliable Wi-Fi networks in various countries around the world:

“If you take a country such as India, while most individuals or family groups have access to a mobile phone, many of the poorest can’t afford to have access to the internet,” continues Kendrick.

“In effect, many millions of people are excluded from all of the benefits that the internet can bring through poverty alone. Through huge investment and in agreement with the government and in partnership with the state telecom company, we have begun to deploy low-cost, high-quality Wi-Fi mesh across India.

“Coupled with our phones, from our cutting edge ROKiT IO Pro 3D to our more affordable Wi-Fi-enabled handsets such as the One, we are increasing affordable accessibility to the internet.”

As part of the Venturi Racing family for the next three years, ROKiT’s partnership with us is a natural fit and together with our visionary, pioneering and innovative approaches, we are a match Made in Monaco.

“I made the decision to partner with Venturi Racing in five-minutes,” adds Kendrick. “Venturi’s vision is inspiring and that’s the kind of team that I want to be in collaboration with.

“As Formula E races in cities, it is the perfect place to communicate our ROKiT Cities initiative and by representing the underrepresented and increasing equal opportunity, I’m a great believer in what we’re doing.”